“…..And the white Mercedes whooshed by me while I just sat there, doing nothing…..”


Life sometimes tends to be very boring, especially when you are in the growing stages like childhood and teen hood. People keep saying that is the deciding phase of your life, and it indeed is but why so boring! It’s like our whole life is a timetable, the same boring schedule over and over again. In school, you have a timetable filled with the boring, hated and loved subjects with little hints of enjoyment in the form of recesses and P.E. periods. Why should life run on the same basis?! The school and tuition are the boring periods with pinches of joy in the form of outings with friends and family.

Why? I question everyone who does not notice that we are turning into robots, controlled by a virtual timetable. I question those who are turning us to robots, these colleges, schools, institutes.

I say we stop. Stop today. It’s time for some change. Change our lifestyle building techniques. Why have classrooms fixated in a building, in front of a board? Time to change this stereotype. Knowledge is not only acquired in a room with doors and windows. It is what is around us; nature, people, humanity, environment and everything.

We need to leave the binds of school and college and fly to the outside world, a world where we will be growing in, a world which will hold our future. We need to prepare ourselves for the tomorrow and not just dwell on the past, learn from it and move on.

Every caterpillar has to crack out of the cocoon, to emerge as a beautiful butterfly. No caterpillar stays in the cocoon forever….




A Life of solitude

Was my only magnitude

Until I met You!

You brought me into light

From pitch darkness.

You WERE the rekindling spark

To my burnt out candle.

You WERE the ink of my quill

The sock of my shoe.

The buttons of my shirt

The zip of jeans.

You WERE the magic in my wand.

But the loss of you

Was a loss of me.

The world for me

Was nothing but a crumble.

Remember, the cookie crumble

We had together.

I told you not to drive

With your pride.

Now, it cost you your life.

Your death, affected my life

With your loss, I lost the hope

My hope of life and living.

You WERE the sugar

To my cake.

The Stiles to my Scott.*

You were never my lover

But my supporter

Not because it was a trend

But because you were my best friend!

I promise to meet you UP

Don’t forget to ask ‘sup!

*Reference to Teen Wolf.

That One Person…

47805cab9fe0e08eebd0a451efaabeb8“I Love You”

Something that is said by every soul on this earth, but how many of them really mean it? With how much of assurance can you say that the person who said it means it 100%?

It’s always very confusing, I know. But you’ll know when the person says it how much he/she means it. And if it so happens that if the person’s reply to these three magical words is “Thank You”, then for your God’s sake leave that person, because he definitely doesn’t love you.

These situations can be quite confusing at times, you don’t know what to say, what to do, run away or say it back just for the sake of it. You keep thinking that have you really reached to that point of your relationship, cause this is a big step, after this living together, proposal, engagement, marriage and if lucky, a long lasting marriage.

Remember one thing, on this very earth, there is one person that is specifically made for you. You might feel all this true love is only soap opera drama, or fictional but that is not it. True Love exists, all you have to do is BELIEVE. Yeah, I am sounding like a Fairy Godmother, I know. Seriously, trust me, if you believe anything is possible. The confusion that you have whether you love that person will become very clear once you believe. It’s a gut feeling. Your heart will tell you. The thought of not being with him will kill you, not just physically but emotionally, mentally and psychologically. It’s not just soap opera drama.

That person can be a man, woman, friend, pet or even an animal. Your own dog will lie by your grave if you die before him, that’s his gut feeling, heart felt love towards you. He can;t live without you so will lay beside all his life, he can’t move on.

The person you love is the one you will cherish the most. The memories created with him, time spent with him will be the best you ever had and will be unforgettable. i haven’t found my love, yet but I’ll be equally happy if you found yours. There is someone out there for you and me, maybe we are made for each other and we just don’t know it, yet.

Hopefully, we’ll meet someday and stay together forever, that is if we are made for each other.

Love! or Love?


Once upon a time….

There happened a crime

It wasn’t a normal one

Cause it broke someone’s heart

He stole her heart- part by part

She gave it to him- part by part

She fell in love after all

He caught her in her fall

But it was just for show

Cause he was gonna throw

And so he did

Her heart was shattered

And it was completely scattered

She was not special for him

He was a horrible Tim

Time passed and the wounds healed

She never fell in love again

And his efforts to find love were in vain

He passed away soon

With a heart, stone hard

But she did find someone soon

Though not a man

It had many fans

Her love was for a little dog

And his name was Mr. Fog

He was very loyal

Acted like a royal

Never was like her lover

Years passed

And so did they

Peacefully on their way

To heaven, together they went

With each other’s consent

It was not a happy beginning

But was a perfect ending.

My Truth

Image result for lgbt

I am Bisexual. I know it is kind of difficult for people to accept it, which I still don’t understand why. The most questions I get asked is, “How do you know, you are bisexual?” and that is one of the toughest parts to explain. It’s a feeling that you get in your gut. If any straight people are reading this, it’s exactly like the feeling you feel for the opposite sex. We feel the same attractiveness towards both sexes. I would even go to those extents of saying that we have an advantage over straight people, we get to check out both guys and girls.


I have known this truth about myself for quite some time. Something that annoys and pokes me – why is it that only the people of the LGBTQ community have to come out ? Why not straight people ? And who says straight is the ‘normal’ ? It’s sometimes repulsive of how people react to the truth.

I once had an encounter with someone who I was associated with. Once I told her about me, she kept saying that it’s wrong; it’s a problem. How ? How can you classify someone’s feelings, emotions and personality as ‘WRONG’ , as a ‘PROBLEM’ ?! I immediately broke all relations with her.

Trust me people like these do not belong in your life. They don’t value you or your truth. Being a part of the LGBTQ is completely normal, in fact, it gives you a family, spread worldwide.

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